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Aptos Junior High School's “testing window” for the 2018-19 CAASPP administration is scheduled from May 6th through May 17th 



All 7th and 8th grade students will be tested in 2 subjects: English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. Both grade level assessments include constructed response items, selected response items (multiple choice), and a performance task. All CAASPP assessments will be completed using Chromebooks (computers.) Additionally, 8th grade students will also sit for the 8th grade level Science Test, which is part of the former state testing program: the Standardized Testing and Reporting Program (STAR) or California State Testing (CST.) These tests will be administered through your student’s science class.

There will be a modified bell schedule for the 1-week testing period (bell schedule will be posted on AJHS website). However, the modified bell schedule will only impact the composition of the regular school day and will have no impact on either the start time or end time of school.  Additionally, no assessments will be administered on Wednesday, the early release day. Make up assessments will be administered, as needed, during the testing period and continued to completion. The assistant principal, Mr. Phillips, will notify students that require make-up assessments. Passes will be sent for students that require make-up assessments, and attendance will be monitored at the main office. We will do our best to balance our need to complete testing with our desire to be respectful of student needs, the academic demands of coursework, and the instructors.


AJHS Testing Bell Schedule:

Beginning Monday of the testing week


Testing for 115 minutes


First Bell               8:30

 (Testing Block)   8:35 – 10:30         (115 min.)

Break                    10:30 – 10:42       (12 min)

1st                          10:45 – 11:17       (32 min)

2nd                         11:20 – 11:52       (32 min)

3rd                         11:55 -- 12:28      (33 min)

Lunch                    12:30 – 1:05         (35 min)

4th                          1:08 – 1:42           (34 min)

5th                          1:45 – 2:18           (33 min)

6th                          2:21 – 2:55           (34 min)


*Wednesday’s will be our regular short bell schedule.