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Aptos Junior High School

Pajaro Valley Unified School District

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    AJHS 2018-19 7th and 8th Grade


    Good morning Sea Dragon Families,

    Due to the weather forecast, and current conditions, we have to reschedule the Honor Roll Breakfasts for the 21st and 22nd. Our facility does not allow us to both host the HRB and keep the remaining 500 students safe, warm, and dry. I am painfully aware of the effort and scheduling that is required for our volunteers and attendees. Please know that I do not make these shifts without a significant amount of thought and discussion. 


    I will leave the list up on our website and will do my best to field any questions.


    I want to thank you all for your understanding and offer my respectful apologies for any confusion/stress that this required shift will cause.


    Rich Moran 

    *please click on the grade level link for a list of honorees!


    It's Cold Out There! 



    2019-20 9th Grade Course Request (Freshman year schedule/course requests) Begins Now!


    AHS at AJHS during Social Studies the week of February 4th 2019. The Aptos High School Guidance Team will be here at AjHS on Tuesday, February 5th 2019. They will be presenting the course request process to our current 8th grade students during Social Studies, every period. They will be distributing course request information (meant for students and guardians) and explaining the process to our current 8th grade students. They will return to AJHS on Friday the 8th to complete the actual course request process. That’s right, they will be helping current 8th grade Sea Dragons select courses for their Freshman year at Aptos High School! Again, they will work with 8th grade Social Studies students in their Social Studies Classes, every period. This is the beginning of a new year for Sea Dragons and is an incredibly important process for our students to participate in. Thank you! This event is a lead in to the upcoming Mariner Expo...see below.

    Mainer expo

    This event is for current 8th grade students as well as returning Mariners! Please use this following link for more details please. 



    Yearbook pre-orders! Greetings Sea Dragon families. The time to order the AJHS  2018-19 Yearbook is now! Please use the following link and ID code to place your order! Additionally, for all 8th grade families, please be sure to send your student’s baby photo, for the yearbook, to by February 1st 2019; Please use the following, Attn: 8th Grade Baby Picture, for the subject line!


    Here's the website:

    Yearbook ID code: 13431719


    Important Dates



    5th – Aptos High School Guidance Team presents information to current 8th grade students during all Social Studies Classes. Presentations by AHS Counselors at AJHS.

    6th - ELAC Meeting (room 10)

    6th – Aptos High School New Parent Night (information for current 8th grade Sea Dragons)

    7th - HRB 7th Grade

    8th - HRB 8th Grade

    8th – AHS Guidance Counselors at AJHS to help students complete 9th grade course requests during all Social Studies classes. Course Requests conducted by AHS Counselors.

    11th - No School (Lincoln’s B-Day)

    18th - No School (Washington’s B-Day)

    19th - Progress Report Window Opens

    22nd - Progress Report Window Closes

    25th - Progress Reports Go Home


    Principal: Rich Moran

    Assistant Principal: Joshua Phillips

    Office Manager: Deann Najera

    Guidance Counselor: Nereyda Camacho 

    Attendance Specialist:Rafael Arce

    Our Partner in the cOmmunity 
    Palm Deli